A trained dog is a happy dog. Every dog should be well behaved and a member of the family.

Be sure to inquire about our training programs for your puppy/dog.

VIzsla Training Prorams

Three Customized Training Programs?

Our training program consist of three phases. 

Basic Training

The puppy learns their name, learns to be leash and crate trained. This means that the puppy will not be pulling you while you take them for a walk and they will sleep through the night without keeping you up.

Intermediate Training

The puppy learns all of the basic training plus is taught to come when called, will be taught stay, down, "leave it", will be introduced to house manners, car manners, and housebreaking.

Advanced Training

The puppy will be able to stay in a down-and-stay position for a long time period, will underdstand "Drop it", and "fetch". He will comprehend hand signals along with verbal commands.

They will be fully vaccinated, microchipped, and if age permits we will have prelimenary hip clearances, eye and heart clearances.

Basic Training

In the Basic Traning, They will “know” their name, they will be “Crate trained” to sleep through the night, will be “Leash trained” to walk by your side without pulling you. 

They will be taught  “Sit, Stay and Understand to come when called.” The puppies will Not Jump on you, your family and friends.

Intermediate Program

With our Intermediate Program, they will know ALL OF THE ABOVE and will know “Down” and will understand the concept of “Heel”.  They will be introduced to “Door Manners”.  Upon entering or exiting the door they are to sit. Also we will be teaching house and doggie bed concept. 

Not to jump on furniture and to go lay down on their bed. They will be going on safe short field trips when they are fully vaccinated and will know car manners to sit quitely in their harness while you are driving.  Puppies will be introduced to the concept of “Housebreaking”.

Advanced Training

Our Fully Trained Puppies will be “Crate Trained” and have “Crate Manners”The will be leash trained” and when you call them they will come and sit in front of you.

They will be able to “sit and stay” on their bed, relaxing while you are out of the room. The puppies will be fully “Housebroken”. We will be taking the puppies on longer field trips and they will know how to ride in your car with a harness. 

They will  know all their verbal commands and will understand hand signals that accompany them.  They will know “Door Manners, Car Manners and Food Manners”

How it works

Puppy Training at 8 weeks!

  • 1. A crate trained puppy

    a) starts learning about housebreaking
    b) sleeps through the night
    c) behavoir is shaped by positive choices
    d) learns to be happy when on his own

  • 2. A Leash Trained Puppy

    a) learns to be a joy to walk with
    b) begins to understand "stay"
    c) learns to come when called

  • 3. A Puppy You Can Live With

    a) learns his name
    b) learns to come when called
    c) learns respect for his new family
    d) learns no playful biting (teething) or jumping on people
    e) learns door etiquette

  • What Does All This Mean To You?

    1) Your puppy is ready to bond with humans instead of other dogs.
    2) Your puppy is not exposed to the potential health hazards while being trained in public places before the shot series are completed.
    3) Your puppy lives in a loving home with the trainer 24/7
    4) You will sleep through the night because he or she is being crate trained!
    5) Less puppy stress
    6) You will have a fabulous start with your new companion.

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