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Mr. & Mrs. Cirillo

Hi Gaila, We just wanted to share with you our joy over "Bella Rose". She has been a fun and fulfilling addition to our family., She is adjusting well. Almost sleeping through the night. She is a lot of fun and full of activity. She is eating well and loves her vitamins. She accpeted her shot with no problem and is such a sweetie. She loves my son Michael, and took to him as if she has know him all his life. Maybe he reminds her of your son. She is learning to walk on a leash and is doing pretty well. She likes to stop and smell the flowers, something we all should take the time to do. Thank you once more.

Pastor Maus

Dear Gaila, We are enjoying Shelby so much. Alaska is the right place for her. She loves the snow and it did not take her long to find the caribou hide that we have in our home. She is very intelligent and I am looking forward to the great companion she will be. Thank you for making this possible.

Sherri and Mike Governs

Dear Victor and Gaila, I just wanted to let you know about the two puppies we bought from you 14 and 15years ago. They just recently crossed over the "rainbow bridge". Dakota and Cheyanne were best friends to our children and us. They brought us joy everyday of their lives to us. It is so empty here without them that we are coming back for two more, only this time I would like to get them at the same time. We just wanted to thank you for breeding the most healthy, beautiful and well tempered dogs ever.

Sarah - Scottsdale, Arizona

Hi Gaila, I thought I would check in with you and provide an update. "Teman" is as happy as can be. Teman is Indonesian for "companion, friend" and a name picked out by my son Sam and two neighbor kids. They went on line and started googling all sorts of terms of endearment to come up with something. I just wanted to thank you and to let you know it was worth the trip to get our little one!

Erica Murphy

Hi Gaila, I hope you and your family are doing well. My puppies are growing up so fast. Our son has a new best friend in Lola the Vizsla. Jiggy is growing huge and looks so skinny, but the vet says he likes her weight. The are both so differant. One puppy doesn't like to swim, one LOVES it. I've had so many people ask about Jiggy and want one like her. She is a wonderful, smart, sweet, mellow puppy. She is not as outgoing as Lola. Many people including the vet have asked "Why would you get a vizsla? They are so hyper." I think they are wrong! Both dogs are a wonderful addition to our family and fit in so well. After working with them the trainer has decided they are both nice dogs.

Nathan Fawley

Hi from Nathan, Shannon and the boys. Glory is coming up on 7 month old and is perfect in every way. She is the best dog I have ever had and she is perfect as an inside pet. We have gone to classes with her at jump start and take her everywhere we go. Just wanted to wish you and your family the very best and may God continue to guide you in all that you may do. God Bless.

Steve G

Gaila, just wanted to give you a heads up on Zoe. She is everything we wanted and more! Healthy, loving, friendly to everyone, and you are right they are sometimes smater than their owners. She sits and watches us doing something and you can just see the wheels turning, as is thinking "okay, me next." We are so happy we decided to get a weimaraner. Hopefully next year we might come out and get another one from you.


Dear Gaila, Just a note to let you know how thankful and happy I am with Dono...he is almost 9 months old and the love of my life. Who needs a man when you have such a handsome dog:). Not a day goes by on our walks that a passersby comment on him, "what a beautiful...handsome...good looking...or gorgeous dog. He is also a good dog too! I took him to obedience class and he did pretty well; knows how to sit, stay, lay down, heel. He always comes to his mom (me) when he is called. Thank you for everything.

Venessa and Robert

Dear Victor and Gaila. Thank you so very much for the vizsla puppies and having them trained for us. They are both wonderful and smart, along with being good looking. You were a joy to work with and gave us confidence of our ability to have these two babies. The training you provided was wonderful. They both sleep through the night, walk on the leash without pulling, except when they see birds. We appreciate all the work you put into this.

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