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Maxi, is a very attentive little girl who has completed her basic training and is a joy to have around.  She is ready to go to her new family and will fit in easily to most homes. 

Please give me a call for more information or to reserve this special little girl. 


 Falco is amazing in every way, he loves people, other animals, going to the beach swimming, running around the park or just laying at your feet.  He will probably max out at 40 lbs of muscle.  Falco has completed intermediate training and his cost is $6,000.00

Please give me a call for more information or to reserve this magnificent boy, 951 763 0433.


Sweet Zoe is cuddly, calm and will be a perfect addition to a home with children, empty nesters or other furry companions. 


Lucy is a showstopper! She is gorgeous, sweet, and wickedly smart. She loves children, other pets, and exploring out on walks. She is perfect for an active family but will also be content on lazy days laying by your feet.


Franklin is a mixture of cuddler and has an adventurous spirit.  He loves going on hikes and to dog beach.  He has been a joy to train since he is so smart.  Please give is a call to reserve this amazing boy or for more information, 951 763 0433.

Our training program consist of three phases.

Basic Training

The first phase is where the puppy learns their name, learns to be leash and crate trained. This means that the puppy will not be pulling you while you take the puppy for walk and they will sleep through the night without keeping you up.
They will also be taught to not jump on you, family members and friends. They will also have been taught no puppy biting, sit and been introduced to stay.
It is generally a four week long period where the puppy would live with the trainer, sleep by their bed and learn to be crate trained, (Sleep through the night without getting up). Be taught their name, sit, introduced to stay, no jump, no playful teething, and be leash trained to walk beside the owner without pulling or jerking.
They also continue to get vaccinations to protect them from harmful diseases.

Intermediate Training

Our second (intermediate) phase is more extensive. The puppy learns all of the above plus is taught to come when called, will be taught stay, down, "leave it", will be introduced to house manners, car manners, and will have been introduced to housebreaking.

They will start taking small field trips to parks and lakes nearby. This phase will require 8 weeks.

Advanced Training

The third (advanced) phase The puppy will be taught everything in the above trainings plus they will be able to stay in a down and stay position for a lenghtly time period, will underdstand "Drop it", "fetch", will comprehend hand signals along with verbal commands.
They will be fully housebroken, and understand food, house and door manners. They will have been taken on extensive field trips to retirement homes, playgrounds, malls, outside cafes and lakes and will know how to behave in the car and in several diferent kinds of situations.
Your puppy will be completely vaccinated and micro chipped during this period. This process will require 12 weeks time.


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