Adopt a Vizsla Puppy

We offer exceptional Vizsla puppies for sale to loving, caring, and responsible show and pet homes world-wide.

Vizsla Puppy Training

We have several puppies in our Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training programs. A trained puppy makes a happy dog.

About Us

We started Evening Star Kennels over 40 years ago and pride ourselves on providing our clients the best Vizslas around.

Gaila and Victor Brickus established Eveningstar Kennels in 1982. We are located in the foothills of Temecula Valley in Sunny California, between San Diego and Los Angeles with over 5 acres for our Vizsla to run, explore, and play in this quiet country setting.

We have over 40 years of experience breeding, training, and showing our wonderful dogs. While we produced numerous generations of champions, our most cherished accomplishment is producing wonderful companions for families. We devote ourselves to raising beautiful, healthy, well-socialized, and physically balanced Vizslas free from hereditary health problems and offering lifetime support –  a winning combination that can’t be beat!

The Adoption Process - How it works

The first step in responsible dog ownership

  • Finding a Suitable Puppy

    The first thing to do is to fill out the application on our web site and to discuss what Vizsla puppy would be most appropriate for your family to take home in order to understand the characteristics of a Vizsla dog before deciding to adopt one.

  • Joining a Breed Waiting List

    Once you have gone through the available puppies and we have selected the one that might meet your preferences, you will join the waiting list. If we have already fulfilled our waiting list, you can immediately choose your new puppy.

  • Talking With Expert

    After your adoption request has been approved, we will get in touch with you to discuss how you can complete the process. Someone in our family will provide many resources on how to care for your new family member at home.

  • Meeting your new family member

    We will call you and organize a physical meet-up with you at our home for you to meet your new puppy. We will give you further care/training tips of a Vizsla puppy.

  • Picking up your Puppy

    At the appointed date and time we will meet at our home and will go over ALL the information and registering your puppy with AKC. They will have had several vaccinations, worming and already be microchipped. Please allow at least an hour or more.

Member of the American Kennel Club

Breeder of Merit

Member Viszla Club of America

Talk To Us Today!

Please give us a call regarding training any of the puppies that you see on the available puppies page for us to train or about the puppies that are in our training program now