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Maxi, is a very attentive little girl who has completed her basic training and is a joy to have around.  She is ready to go to her new family and will fit in easily to most homes.



We named this boy Swayze because he is an abosolute gorgeous hunk  and he will give you “The Time Of Your Life”.  Swayze is amazing in every way. 


Sweet Capri

We call her Sweet Capri for a reason. She is cuddly, calm and will be a perfect addition to a home with children, empty nesters or other furry companions. 

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Do you currently have any pets? What breed and their age? Will they adapt to another puppy/dog?

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Does anyone in your home have allergies?

Briefly tell us the attributes you would like your puppy to possess?

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What do you expect from us the breeders of your puppy?

Do you plan on using a crate to help house-train your puppy?

If not, how do you plan on house-training?

Have you considered getting a partially or fully trained puppy?

Have you considered getting a partially or fully trained puppy?

Briefly tell us about your family's lifestyle, hobbies and interest?

Do you understand that Vizslas thrive on human attention and cannot be issolated from the rest of the family?

Do you understand that a puppy purchased from us must be a part of the family and not a dog that lives outdoors all the time?

What Veterinarian do you use? (Please share their Name, Address and phone number)

Do you agree to all the conditions and state that the information you provided is accurate and true?

Date of Submission

All our puppies are sold on a Limited Registration, that means that the puppies are NOT to be used for breeding, unless preious arrangeents have been made.

A $1,000.00 deposit is required to make a reservation for a puppy and that is partially refundable up until the puppy is 6 week old.  We do retain/charge $250.00 on refunds for administration fees, prior to the puppies being 6 weeks of age. Balance is to be paid at the time of pick up, unless we are delivering your puppy.  In cases of delivery we require that the full payment and health guarantees be signed 10 days prior to delivery.

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