We have several puppies in our Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training programs.   Any puppy that you see on our available puppy page can join our academy for training.
They will all continue to have their vaccinations while in our care and be socialized with family, children, friends and other animals. 
In the Basic Traning, They will "know" their name, they will be "Crate trained" to sleep through the night, will be "Leash trained" to walk by your side without pulling you. They will be taught  "Sit, Stay and Understand to come when called."  The puppies will Not Jump on you, your family and friends.
With our Intermediate Program They will know ALL OF THE ABOVE and will know "Down" and will understand the concept of "Heel".  They will be introduced to "Door Manners".  Upon entering or exiting the door they are to sit. Also we will be teaching house and doggie bed concept. Not to jump on furniture and to go lay down on their bed. They will be going on safe short field trips when they are fully vaccinated and will know car manners to sit quitely in their harness while you are driving.  Puppies will be introduced to the concept of "Housebreaking".
Our Fully Trained Puppies will be "Crate Trained" and have "Crate Manners"The will be leash trained" and when you call them they will come and sit in front of you. They will be able to "sit and stay" on their bed, relaxing while you are out of the room. The puppies will be fully "Housebroken". We will be taking the puppies on longer field trips and they will know how to ride in your car with a harness.  They will  know all their verbal commands and will understand hand signals that accompany them.  They will know "Door Manners, Car Manners and Food Manners"
They will be fully vaccinated, microchipped, and if age permits we will have prelimenary hip clearances, eye and heart clearances.
Please give us a call regarding training any of the puppies that you see on the available puppies page for us to train  or about the puppies that are in our training program now,  951 763 0433 or email

If your looking for  an absolutely adorable little girl that will make to laugh and grin it is "Diva".   She is super smart and has an sweet personality that gets along with everyone.  Diva will have completed her basic training at the end of October and will be able to go to her new home then.  Diva's cost after completing her basic training is $6,000.00.  Please give us a call for more information or to make an appontment for a visit 951 763 0433.

trained Golden Puppy


 Jagger is a big boy with a calm demeanor, which makes him a great lovable puppy.  Jagger is really impressing us with his social, confident personality and willingness to please.  Jagger will be available at the end of October after completing his basic training.  His cost is $6,000.00.  Please give us a call to reserve this beautiful boy or for more information 951 763 0433.

trained Golden Retriever

Ember, has a very easy going disposition. She is playful and yet will be sensitive to your needs.  She would be  wonderful family companion for empty nesters or a house full of children.  Ember will have completed her Intermediate training at the end of October  and will be available to go to her new home at that time.  Ember's is cost $8,500.00.  Please give us a call for more information or to make an appointment for a visit. 951 763 0433.

trained vizsla puppytrained vizsla puppy

"Ellie" is a super smart little girl that has an adoring personality and playful spirit. Loves cuddling, playing with children, other puppies and older dogs.  Loves to just please her trainer and others.  Will be a wonderful addition to all kinds of families as long as they have time to give her lots of LOVE.  Please give us a call to reserve Ellie with a deposit. Her cost is $8,500.00. She will be available at the end of October after completing her intermediate training.  

AKC Trained Vizsla Breeders

"Liam" is a handsome, friendly boy that has fantasic energy for a family with children or with active family members.  He loves to play with his toys, go into the water to get balls, or just clown around with other dogs.  He is taking his intermediate training seriously and should be finished by the end of October. Liams cost is $8,500.00.  Please give us a call for more information or to put a deposit to reserve this great boy 951 763 0433.

Vizsla puppies for sale