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Saturday, October 8, 2011

By now your puppy should be pretty comfortable going in and out of the crate on his/her own.  The next time they do go in on their own give them a treat and use the word kennel and close the door.  Leave it closed for a short time.  If puppy starts to howl do not let them out until they stop crying. (Otherwise you are rewarding bad behavior)  Once the puppy stops crying, open up the door, pick the puppy up and take them outside to a designated area for them to go potty.  ALWAYS use the same door for the puppy to go to eliminate otherwise they will get mixed up in the beginning, of which door do I use.  Stay outside with the puppy until they go, don't assume they will go without you. I will guarantee you that If you let them in and you haven't seen them go, they will eliminate once inside your home.  Once back inside the house, it's playtime for about an hour and off to the crate for a nap, and then back outside.  If you puppy should have an accident inside the crate it's not thier fault. It's probably because they did not go potty when they where let out.   I always leave the water outside also, because if you leave the water inside they can drink as much as they want and go potty whenever and wherever they want.You can have a puppy house broken by applying these methods faster than any other methods we have found. They have to learn to respect your home. This is your home and your rules. 

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